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LP Cover for: Pondscater »Way out West« Hauch Records. more »»

Katja Stuke, Düsseldorf 2020

Instead of an Opening Reception in Cologne, an introduction by Henguchi on Nov. 6, 2020 in Konohana.

Henguchi, Konohana 2020

Katja Stuke, Apollo 13, Düsseldorf 2020

Katja Stuke, Moon over Düsseldorf, 2020

《歩いてみる》からただいま2020 けがもなくたくさん歩けてよかったではまた

»MOON SLANG exhibition starts today
It starts today! The venue is outdoors in Konohana-ku, Osaka.
The date of the exhibition is
10 sessions:
1/28 (Thu) / 2/25 (Thu) / 3/29 (Mon)
4/27 (Tue) / 5/27 (Thu) / 6/25 (Fri) /

7/26 (Mon) / 8/23 (Mon) / 9/22 (Wed) /
10/21 (Thu)
Start time is 7pm
Start point is just in front of The Blend Inn, Konohana Asahibashi bus stop.
with Henkou, Katja’s photo and Bushi.
and BUSHI. With the moon. Free to join«
Henguchi Jan 28, 2021

Katja Stuke, Moon over Konohana, March 2021

Henguchi, To Moon Slang since Nov. 2020

Katja Stuke, New Moon, Konohana in Katernberg 2021

Video for Pondskater.
event: FFT Düsseldorf, Apr. 26., 2023

Live-Coding Set, Pondskater.
Video: Katja Stuke
FFT-Düsseldorf, April 2023

Katja Stuke, Challenger, Köln 2020

Henguchi, Konohana 2020

Henguchi, Moon Slang pt 1, 11:52 min, Konohana 2020

Katja Stuke, Four Moons, 2019

Henguchi: MOON OVER KONOHANA のソウルはケルンから大阪へMOON OVER KONOHANA at 此花区梅香

Katja Stuke, Moon over Konohana, 2021

Henguchi, Moon Slang, Feb. 2021

Katja Stuke, New Moons, Libary 2021
Katja Stuke, New Moons, Dortmund 2021